Welcome to Smor Adventures

Welcome To SMOR Adventures.  Our company was founded in August of 2017.  Our Mission is simple:    You don’t choose your life. You live one!  Through our sacrifice and unyielding commitment, we live a life filled with joy, purpose and substance.  In living our dreams, not only as individuals but as a company, we aim to inspire and share them with you.  So that you may live your dreams.  We are here to tell you, not only are your dreams possible, that you can make your dreams a reality.  I hope that our journey motivates and inspires you to do what you have only dreamed of.

Believe it or not we actually met in the middle of the wilderness, in Denali National Park.  We work as professional guides from season to season, traveling the world. We travel as much as we work, for every season or two we take that much time off. When we aren’t working, we travel for six months or more at a time, honing our craft.   You’ll find an open honest view into our life here.  What it takes to live the life we live and how we do it.