Meet Sierra

[I felt like I was writing a college entrance essay while making my first attempt at this bio. So, I’ll try again.]

My first backpacking trip was during Girl Scout Camp on my 12th birthday. (I think I was supposed to be 13 to go, but alas, I survived.) I was so excited to learn about edible plants, cook over a fire every night, and sing songs while hiking. Fast forward 15 years and we find myself doing the same thing, but getting paid to take other people out to experience the same thing! What?! This is real? I get to do what 12 year old me paid to do for that one week, but now get paid to do it every week! What a life.


A lot has happened in those 15 years to get me to where I am professionally.
Here’s a quick highlight reel:
  • 10 years of GS camp (that’s 10 years of campfire singalongs to share with the world)
  • B.S. in Biology from Northland College, leading to a very intimate knowledge of Lake Superior and the surrounding Northwoods
  • Semester abroad in Cuenca, Ecuador studying conservation biology, alpaca castration, & bolstering my confidence in my Spanish language skills
  • Pedaled 4000+ miles to see the US & all of its roadkill
  • Taught children how to cross country ski (and fall) in Northern Wisconsin
  • Frolicked with manatees as a research assistant in Florida
  • Encouraged people to eat berries, examine scat, and hike the tundra of Denali National Park
  • Made my dreams a reality by becoming a PADI Divemaster in the Florida Keys and guiding guests of reef tours
  • Traveled to Russia, Bahamas, Canada, Ecuador, Italy, Mexico, and Thailand
Now, it’s time to wrap all of that life experience up into one little package & offer it to others = SMOR Adventures. I have the privilege of planning & executing trips for others to experience their travel & adventure dreams.