Below my feet

Just a few days till I hike out.  Everything has led me to this point. My jobs, my friends, growing up in the woods, all of this has prepared me for this journey. You prepare for so long, doing whatever it takes to leave this place, and now that your chance to leave is finally [...]

The Vet

Before moving into our new place I took Roland to the vet to ask some questions and get him checked out before we did the trail.  We arrived without any problems and waited just a few minutes.  Walking back to the exam room I really only had one question and it was about rattlesnakes.  This [...]

Almost Home

Its 5:00 on this Saturday morning and I am wide awake.  I feel rested, refreshed, reawakened.  The past few weeks have been busy to say the least. So much has changed in the past two months which is a part of why I haven't written. I started two jobs at the end of October, working [...]