Harper’s Ferry

When we left in the morning there were no goodbyes, Small Fly had already headed to town and we were the last ones awake. Quietly packing up and setting out, we talked for a bit, before settling into my thoughts. I've been spending a great deal of time thinking lately, more so than usual. I [...]

Last day with a friend

We hit the roller coaster first thing in the morning; a series of short steep ups and downs over rocks. It wouldn't be long before we started to hate this section of the trail, Just Jeremy and I. The first two hills were brutal going up and down. Our pace was somewhat slow over the [...]

A great day to think

Sensing Huck needed some time to himself I went into town and left the next day. The shoot three miles afforded me some time to write and get caught up on that. The next morning I met up with Just Jeremy and headed out for a 23 mile day. The smooth terrain was heaven on [...]

Thrown out of Shenandoah

Digesting at Thornton Gap, Huck and I hiked out.  He was ready to go and feeling off.  You could see it on his face, too much time with people wears him out and he was at his limit. As we walked past smog covered views, I had no ambitions of hiking through the day. The [...]

You never know what the trail will bring

It was just a short hike to Thornton Gap to get a hitch into town. We got lucky fairly quickly and got a ride with a wonderful man in a red truck.  Taking in to town we learned some of the history of the area. When he was just a young man in school there [...]

Fistful of granola bars

Crushing out six miles to Big Meadows, Huck and I shared a breakfast together or lunch depending on the time. We sat there inside charging our devices, in the blasting AC. It was so cold for me that I had to don my rain jacket for warmth.  The employees laughed a bit when I came [...]

Rain day or two

With the impending storm the four of us talked and made a game plan for the next two days.  Girlscout and the Gang had beat us to Loft Mountain and were nice and comfy for the evening. We decided to get up early and head to Big Meadows for the lodge and more stable structures [...]

Marching to music

Recovered from the weather, mostly dry we set our for another big day, 25 miles. At one of our first gaps we, Huck and I, met a couple from Vermont. They shared with us pretzels and more magic. Giving us thier info they told us when we reached Vermont that they would provide more magic [...]

Look out Shenandoah’s

Our first day in the Shenandoah's was thirty miles of view after view. When I hiked out of Damascus, the Creeper Trail went for thirty miles next to the AT. The long smooth gravel trail went by waterfalls, the river and many streams.  The AT went up and down over rocks, roots and crap no [...]