Hulkspiration or Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

The lasting effects of our trail angel still affected me the next morning. I awoke feeling rejuvenated, free from my depression and feelings of self doubt.  Everything was clear again, her kindess and company quelled the negativity that I had been dealing with the past week or two. The two of us packed up and [...]

800 miles of naked thoughts

The day was the longest day in the year and that meant hike naked day. Diesel and I continued our getting to know each other as we climbed the mountain. We were both feeling down and trying to motivate the other, he was missing his dad on father's day and I was deep within the [...]

If everyone jumped off a bridge

New insoles in my shoes, I hitched out to the gap. A very large man in a fitting size pickup, picked me up and took me down to the gap.  We talked of life and love on the way.  He was moving in with his girlfriend and today was the last day to do it,  [...]

One thing leads to another

We set a goal of thirty miles for the day, the only way we could justify taking the slow day before. Since we were now hiking partners, Diesel and I, took the opportunity to get to know each other for the morning. Playing the question game, we took turns sharing and asking questions. This went [...]

So close yet so far

Leaving town I felt better, but not complete.  Losing my phone had dealt a huge blow to my psyche.  I never would have thought that such a small thing could tear me down.  The thought of losing my phone wasn't the problem, the names, numbers, messages could all be replaced.  The pictures on the other [...]

Best to worst day in a flash

I was out early and made great time to Catawba in just three hours. This was an exciting day for me, I was going to climb Macfee Knob and get some of the most iconic photos taken. This place was the most photographed spot in the trail.  The hot day and little water meant I [...]

Trail Magic

Waking up refreshed more so than the day before I was out like a rocket. Pushing hard to the next shelter for water and breakfast. I must have stayed too long sine the other hikers caught me at the shelter, I have to keep up a faster pace if I'm going to put some distance [...]