The lack of sleep had taken its toll I was toast.  I had ten mile so go before town and it would drag on and on.  Each foot feeling like lead as I drug them across the gorund, looking more a zombie than a person. The miles went on forever as I crossed over the first view, with no camera to remember the view I passed by without looking, I was so pissed off, so tired, so fed up.  The eternity of what time was passing by was driving me insane.

Finally some people and it happen to be I’m Bob and Warren. Relaying what happened to them I felt better. I knew they would keep a lookout for it and that they were my best chance at find it. Still I found out I had three or four more miles to go. I had already passed two powerlines and needed to pass three more. The long hike had clear spots filled with just soft duff and rocky spots.  With my exhausted body I couldn’t keep up a decent pace either way. After four hours of dragging my body across the landscape I came to road. Here I would try hitchhiking into town.

With no luck, another hiker pointed out to me that Miss Janet was right behind me.  Excited I ran over giving her a huge hug and asked her if she could drop me off at McDonald’s to wait. She informed me that my brother had left town dn left a phone for me.  My friend Mango ran over the picked it up for me, how and Kevin heard I lost my phone?  Either way I was still feeling off, I couldn’t afford to replace it with the insurance or to buy another one. I wold have to sit at McDonald’s and wait all ay for some to show up.

Feeling like crap I got all notification on my face book that it had been found, by who other than…. Moonlight and Moonlover back at the shelter. They all have found it on the roof and given it to I’m Bob to give to me.  Thank you god I thought. Packing up I headed out to the fire hall to camp. I crossed the road and stated to hitch. I wonderful, clean cut man came over and asked me if I needed a ride.  His soft, calm demeanor made it hard not trust him. He told me that his wife and he were on there anniversary ministering in the area.  We talked about the trail, faith, and how God works as they kindly drove me to the fire hall. Saying our goodbyes we prayed in the parking lot and I wished them well, giving them my info to find me on Facebook and my blog.

What a truly blessed day, everything sideways had been righted and set back into motion. It’s comforting to know that anything can be fixed with the appropriate amount of time and faith. I showered and did my laundry at the hall, which was provided free for charge to hikers. All this kindness and support from others shows me what is truly important, faith in yourself, a higher power, and in others.  We are all here to help and support each other and when it comes together it is a miracle.

Didn’t sleep
Was pissed off from phone
Hike drug on for ever
Relayed info to the guys
Dragged my feet passed the dozen PowerLine
McDonald’s no avail
God shines his list
Couple ministering picks me up
Fire hall
Rest day

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