Best to worst day in a flash

I was out early and made great time to Catawba in just three hours. This was an exciting day for me, I was going to climb Macfee Knob and get some of the most iconic photos taken. This place was the most photographed spot in the trail.  The hot day and little water meant I had to be careful about hydration. I had had no sleep since many of the hikers were taking a zero ay and partied at the shelter.  I would have to take plenty of breaks I thought. Making it to the second shelter I took a long lunch and filled up my water.

As I left I met another hiker that was with Miss Janet and we talked steadily up the long incline to the Knob. What a view, my breath had been taken away, no wonder this was such a popular place, it was magnificent. Dumbfounded by the beauty I stood there and watched the other hikers take photos before jumping in on the action. I had caught Pebbles the day before and she took some good photos of me out on the rocks. I was going to push for two today so I headed out with vigor.


Pushing hard I hit the last shelter, sent out a few texts and refilled my water. The day was splendid and great as I hiked with Coyote and his grandfather. We laughed and talked over the next two miles. Talking about that to eat when we get to town, his grandfather said a double burger for Coyote, a side of fish for himself and what for The Hulk, a rhino steak of course. Laughing and carrying on the time flew by. Climbing up a set of rocks at found a couple sitting there looking bad.   I asked a few questions and found out that the guy had dehydration and possible heat exhaustion. There was only one solution, I would again have to hike another one out to the shelter.  Setting my pack down and strapping his to mine I noticed my phone was missing.   Oh no, I cursed and yelled, where was it.

Telling them I would be back shortly I must have left it at the shelter, they looked at me with confusion, it was two miles back.  I told them I’d be back in an hour if I had to run it I would. Off I want sprinting down the trail with my poles, with no pack I was weightless to the shelter. I flew over rocks and handover hands, leaping like a monkey over large objects, my poles never touching the ground as I went. Coming to the shelter out of breathe I found that my phone wasn’t there either. Aaaaaarrgggbhh I cursed, running back to the couple, praying and hoping for it to be found. Coming back to the couple I found he had slowly started down the trail with some water.

Picking up his pack and mine his girlfriend and I headed out. Our two packs weighed close to 70 lbs as I hiked over the ridgeline. I told her I would be alright till the big up, there I would probably loose steam for a bit.  We caught him in no time and she headed out to run ahead. It was just him and I for now.  Reaching the mountain I pushed hard, fueling myself from built up anger.  Letting it take over, my adrenaline kicked in, the rage building and pushing me I ran up the steep mountain side, passing hikers left and right.  I could hear him say no wonder they call him The Hulk as I shot up the mountain. Reaching the top I had nothing left and dropped the packs and rested. We took a few photos before heading out.

He was glad that I had come by, I don’t know what they would have done if I hadn’t. His pack even missing things was at least 30 lbs. He would have never made it alone. Here he felt guilty and took more and more photos for his girlfriend who had hiked ahead to drop her stuff and come back for us. I made my way down the mountain to the shelter trail. She was running at me when I saw her. Dropping his pack I told her he was up there eating pictures for her and he eats feeling better. Her worries were evident on her face as she sped off. I crawled into the sheter, I was spent. There would be no town today just 24 25 hard miles four of which were ran an the last four with two packs.

At the shelter I met a man named Desiel and he had just found God again.  We talked faith and my phone that evening. His words were have faith it will turn up. I laughed at him, and told him it wasn’t having faith, I’ve got that, today just sucked, I had lost everything form the past two weeks if it wasn’t found. Eating and d setting up my bed I layed and did stewed all night.  The mosquitos draining me over and over, keeping me up all night.

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