5,000 miles from the Keys to Denali

Florida Sea BaseDenali Backcountry Lodge Ah, the privilege of working in beautiful locations on opposite ends of the spectrum, and country! It's just over 5,000 miles to drive a straight run from Islamorada, Florida to Denali National Park, Alaska. Then add in some side adventures, and a lay-over in Illinois, and our time and distance [...]

The Return to the Mountain

My last day in Anchorage was spent wandering the streets.  I had been packed for days and found myself taking more and more walks.  The rain cascaded off the roofs and eves creating tiny rivers in the streets.  The gutters filled with babbling little brooks, floating leaves, and sticks down to the drains and beyond. [...]

Sacrifice what you are for what you will become 

​My new job allowed me more time to myself.  Working 12 hour shifts was much better than 4 hours here and there.  I now more opportunities to go into town, to get things done.  My weekends in the park continued with Sierra.  My free time however was spent looking for work.  We were both looking [...]