Person, place, and thing

I spent the day lost in thought, as I trimmed the trees with a pole saw.  Music playing in me ear, my mind world’s away, drifting from one thought to the next.  What do you call home? Home is where the heart is, people say.  I think it’s a little more than just that. If we think of home as a noun; a noun is defined as a person place or thing.  What if home was a person, a place, and a thing? What if it had to have all three in order to be called home?

Home would be the things you love to do: your hobbies, interests, passions and career. All these things are a part of what you call home. Without them you are unhappy and find yourself lacking purpose. It is also the place, the location that fulfills those interests. If you love to ski, you wouldn’t move to the beach for the winter. The place you call home, nourishes your interests and grants you the opportunity to do them.  Being in a place you enjoy doing the things you love, you inevitably meet people of similar mindset.

People are the hardest part of the equation to fulfill.  You can always move, start new hobbies, yet you can’t just instantly make new meaningful relationships with people.  What is a relationship? In its most simple form relationships are the right amount and application of time and space. Relationships need enough of each to nourish and grow.  They don’t just happen over night, whether we want them to or not.  That is the fun part, discovering every inch of someone, their likes, dislikes, facial expressions, common interests, etc. The best part about that is, as relationships continue to grow, there is always something new to find all over again.

Home is doing what you love to do, with the people you love doing it with, in a place that nourishes those relationships. I am beginning to enjoy Alaska more and more now.  Having the time to do the things I love is refreshing. Each free day I have, I Iook forward to the things I will see, and the people I will meet.  I am happy that I didn’t pass any judgement too soon. I can’t wait to see where this exciting journey will take me.

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