Free from despair

The next morning I had no motivation except getting to the post office before it closed. Still unable to shake the murky dreadful feelings I had I left earlier than everyone else and called Kim for support. Our short conversation led to one thing, I needed to call Aaron and see what he thought too. [...]

Let’s take a ride

Zen and I left late morning for the next gap, we wanted to get some big mile sin from our down time.  Pushing hard, we talked as the trail grayed away from us.  We didn't notice the terrain after a while, we just talked and enjoyed each others company.  Still I felt off, more off [...]

Worn down

Catching sunrise at Bear Mountain was spectacular. The sun and rose colors covering the waterside town below. Who knew such beauty could be seen here. It's a shame that the park was open only after the sun was up.  Staying here was the only way to catch the sunrise. It was almost as if this [...]

Further the sky

Waking early I got to writing as soon as possible. I wanted to get caught up, I was more than a week behind and in a funk, could this be part of it I thought.  One by one I met her roommates that morning.  Each as excited to meet me as I was to meet [...]

Lets go for a swim

Vowing to get back in the flow, we awoke early and headed for town for breakfast.  True to our words we were back hiking by 8:30 in the morning and pushed a hard 13 miles to his mail drop.  I spent most of the morning lost in thought, listening to music. We made great time [...]

Into New York

I hate leaving in the afternoon, more so than night hiking. It means my morning was generally wasted and I potentially play catch up all day.  That feeling of being behind puts me in such and off mood, there is no capturing the day, grabbing each moment.  you push past things you might want to [...]

Feeling off

We had just three miles to get to town to resupply for the day. Getting up early has been easier Ina smaller group recently and we headed out that Sunday morning easy for real food. Coming into town it was easy to see it was Sunday with all the cars occupying the church parking lots. [...]

Good friends and magic

I was excited to get going this morning, I was going to see my friends Amy and John again. I had last seen them in Shenandoah and I was now in their home state. We just had about 6 miles to do to get to them at Sunset Mountain. My only thoughts were getting there [...]

Rattlesnake vs Swarm of Mosquitos

When I returned to the trail I found out that Crawford and The Mommas Boys were just ahead of me and it looked like they were going to be the all day. I was motivated, ready to catch them, my day off was desperately needed but it has put me on behind in my mind. [...]

Much needed rescue

Taking a zero day with Kim we got a room and relaxed while I did laundry and recovered from the heat. It was almost a hundred and definitely a day neither of us wanted to be out hiking. Enjoying the quiet day and coolness of the room we played on the Internet and ate a [...]