So close yet so far

Leaving the next morning we went to the shelter for water, we found an injured hiker instead. He was showing signs of a severe hogweed reaction. He skin was all red and blistered on his arms. With a long conversation with him and Hendo we found out that he as a Vietnam Vet and was [...]

Day one

Kim and I headed out the next morning from town. Excited to hike together we talked about everything that had happened since we last saw each other. I teased her for how heavy her pack was Ndshe reminded me she was hiking out a pie for Zen. I wondered how much he that thing weighed [...]

The climb

After leaving town I hit the trail and again.  I knew I had a tough climb out but I was sure in for a treat this time. I was tired of trying to hike along the rocky boulders of a trail, I craved something new for terrain. The 1000 foot climb started out like they [...]

Almost stepped on that

Refreshed for our stellar night we headed out over the trail of rocks and more rocks pushing our way to the pinnacle. The trail in PA had been relatively smooth for us which was great. We hit sections of rocks that became steadily longer and longer. For once PA became seriously rocky as we passed [...]

Heaven forbid

Only catching a few hours sleep, I was awoken by Girlscout excitedly. She was happy to see me and I too was happy to see her. We caught up before breakfast at the diner. From there our day split in different directions. I went with the guys to the local swimming hole to go cliff [...]

Burning the midnight oil

Sitting in the hotel all day writing had its benefits for sure. I was in the zone, the guys were watching golf and that allowed me to concentrate completely on my writing. Sometimes I find it hard to get inthe right frame of mind to write, it's a process to get my thoughts back on [...]

Hiker hunger and the twilight zone

Getting going slowly, we had been dehydrated the other day put me me in a funk and Crawford as well. The toll our body takes doing ten plus miles without any water definitely affected us this morning. I drank my fill of water and Gatorade hoping to would help level me out by the end [...]

Where is the epiphany?

Pushing out earlier than the others Zen and I headed for the trail. I hated having such a short day before, if we hadn't of been so tired we would have pushed close to Duncannon rather than potentially ending there.  One of the best things about hiking with Zen as been the philosophical conversations that [...]

Hot Springs was hot Boiling Springs was not

The four of us met again at the wayside, Zen, Teddy, Deja Vu and I all headed out with full bellies and hopes of big miles. Zen and I would walk out first, talking all morning. I felt bad, sad about what had happened. That couldn't have come at a worse time for him. The [...]