Almost stepped on that

Refreshed for our stellar night we headed out over the trail of rocks and more rocks pushing our way to the pinnacle. The trail in PA had been relatively smooth for us which was great. We hit sections of rocks that became steadily longer and longer. For once PA became seriously rocky as we passed a 20 foot high rock pile. I thought this must be where they grow the rocks at. Taking in this odd sight we wondered why someone had made a huge rock pile. Thinking on that we walked the last bit of the smooth trail for the day and caught an old friend of mine.

Who did we see but Dutchy by the streams bank. Catching up quickly we hugged and talked nonstop for a few moments before Zen and I left.  This boring day soon became very dangerous in seconds. Just as Zen was about to put his florin the rock step we were rocked to our core. Tttttttttttttttttttttttt, the rattlesnake went, just under his foot.  Zen jumping backwards, turn and ran back down the trail a bit. A 3 to 4 foot rattlesnake had only rattled at the last second, Zen and almost stepped on him. It was close, too close for comfort as Zen tried to regain his heart rate and composure. I fastened a large stick to move him off the trail but to no avail he was dug in. Our only option was to go around and leave a note for other hikers.

While doing this Dutchy Caught us and continued on with us. The three of us talked and made our way over the rocks around to the view before heading back into the trail of rocks. Our mileage was low with the amount of rocks we had to cross. The trail littered like a stone jigsaw puzzle had us jumping from rock to rock. It was impossible to go fast. By the time we reached the shelter I needed a break, my ankles were failing and I was making poor choices for foot placement. My muscles had fatigued and I needed the downtime to recover.

We just had a few more miles to go to reach the bed and breakfast for the night. Zen and I talked about what we were learning for the trail and his response varied greatly from mine. He was learning that he much rather enjoyed day hiking and peak bagging than the long distance treks. He would do this no more after Maine. I on the other hand had learned that I was meant for this kind of life, it was more simple, cleaner living that I had longed for, I could do this forever.  I would do the PCT and the CDT after this journey as well as a few others. Reaching the B&B we ate and slept well, I went off the next morning into town to pick up my phone and get it all set up again. I was excited and looking forward to having a camera again.

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