Heaven forbid

Only catching a few hours sleep, I was awoken by Girlscout excitedly. She was happy to see me and I too was happy to see her. We caught up before breakfast at the diner. From there our day split in different directions. I went with the guys to the local swimming hole to go cliff diving and she stayed behind to do chores. Many of us Caught a Rie out of town to Peace Rock and watched the locals jump off the cliffs into the water before joining in on the fun. We spent the next hour or so jumping in and carrying on. Following the locals we hiked out to the reservoir and went, what can only be described as sliding, as we slid down the side of the dam into the water below.

The day was shaping to be the best day off until I opened my bag. My phone had been stolen, not my wallet or This Guy’s wallet, which had a large amount of cash, just my phone. Nooooo you have got to be kidding me I yelled. I was so furious, I couldn’t catch a break with this phone. My only way to take photos, to call home, to connect with the outside world was gone again. I couldn’t believe my phone had been stolen by a local kid, I was shocked. I borrowed a friends phone and called it, there were no sounds from my area. Who ever had it had left as quickly as they had come. It was gone. I let this huge despair and depression.

There was no way to replace it at this time, furious and upset I walked back to the hiker camp, a few miles back. There was no reason to hold on to the anger as I let out a roar. I had to move one, it would have been pointless to remain upset. When I returned to the pavillion, I called the police and filed my report and waited for them to arrive. Finishing my report I headed out to meet up with zen and relax while I figured out what to do next. Maybe Girlscout was right, I should just ask Kim for help instead of doing this on my own. I hated having to rely on some one else for things. For me I had no choice, I would have to ask her for help if I wanted to replace my phone.

I was very hesitant to call her, there is nothing more intimidating for me than asking someone for help. I had to suck up my pride and just ask her. Taking in a deep breath I dialed and called her. Our conversation was short with quite a bit of ball busting as I asked her. She laughed and told told me it was a about time I asked had for help. She knew me all too well, and just wanted to give me a hard time. Feeling relieved I called the insurance company before bed and arranged to have my phone sent up trail.

The next morning Zen and I headed out for the trail and only made it eight miles or so to a great look out. Eating lunch we chatted with the locals on the lookout. We met a wonderful gentleman who was a part of the astronomical society just off the view, who had been having lunch with us. He took us over to the observatory and showed us the 6 telescopes, and pulled out his sun scope. Ew spent the next hour and half watching solar flares, sun spots and viewing the suns intricate details. Riding the high I thought we should stay there for the night and watch the stars. With little discussion and planning we decided to stay on the beautiful manicured lawn.

Relaxing for the next few hours we ate dinner and enjoyed our easy day. After setting up our gear and bedding down sleep came easily for us. Just as we started to nod off we were awoken by a familiar voice. He woke us up cheerfully and asked if we were hungry. Hikers hungry? Always. He had brought us a pizza and beer for the evening and wanted to show us some of the nights sky. Are you kidding me I thought, I was so excited as I danced next to Zen’s tent Hurrying him to get up and enjoy the trail magic. We spent the next few hours eating pizza and watching galaxies, Saturn’s rings and moons, and Ll sorts of other neat celestial bodies.

One thought on “Heaven forbid

  1. oooppppss, having your phone stolen sucks!!! next time someone should always have to watch the packs! take turns…..You just can’t trust everyone….sorryyyyyy 😦


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