Two great days and a fist fight

I decided, well, we all decided to take the next day off. My knee and thigh were sore and needed a day to rest. We ate breakfast downstairs in the deli, which was a large three room restaurant. The hand carved wood decor, trimmed in tanned leather and other natural accents reminded me of the [...]

35 miles and the police

The next morning it poured on us in the shelter. I was not about to get wet and loose all my dry clothes. So I stayed, didn't pack up and kept warm as the water pounded the tin roof. The white noise created a calming atmosphere in the haze of the rain and clouds. One [...]

Short day to town

Waking up at the shelter I was feeling it, I was hurting. I couldn't show how bad it was, but it wasn't good. My legs were stiff and joints ached, swollen knees had me hobble around as I packed up. Earthling was worried and I tried to hide it from her as we got ready [...]

Trail maintainer my ass

Catching sunrise we all awoke early in our little paradise. Earthling took out to the trail first while Flailing and I picked up the rear. We spent our morning in our normal conversation. I was sore and stiff and not getting any better, no massages, stretching or being careful was helping. The two of us [...]

Hard talks

Earthling and I headed out of town around 10 and pushed up to the first shelter. In our climb up we had in intense conversation regarding beliefs and about society. No matter what we talked about there was always a level of respect no matter the difference of opinion. The slow climb left us full [...]

Slips and slides

Rain and been in the forecast and we planned on hiking out early, that was till we got up at 5 and saw it was pouring out. The cold rain had a way of wanting you to stay in and rest, we did just that. Not leaving till late morning the three of us pushed [...]

Tale of Two Wolves

Leaving late fro greylock, our stuff dried and our bellies full from breakfast, the three of us reunited headed down the mountain to the road. I was sore and I hdi how serious my injury was as we hiked down. It quickly became obvious to me that I couldn't keep up with he two of [...]

Who fills your cup

Hearing from Earthling, we waited in town for her to arrive, she would becoming in hot, all the way from the cookie ladies house. Feeling the stress and getting upset, I reassured her it wasn't a problem I had to get my food drop and she had plenty of time. She had been under quite [...]

Pancakes, cookies, and a mohawk

Pancakes were to be had and plenty of them. We had come for the blueberry pancakes and Flailing and I aimed to eat as many as we could that morning. I put down a hefty ten while he put down a dozen. Making our morning move slower than normal. The deliciously sweet pancakes filled our [...]

Goodbye Earthling hello pancakes

Earthling and I made our way to the trail early. For once I felt great, alive, like I was reborn and she on the other hand was not feeling one hundred percent. My feel floated along the trail as I glided over the roots and pine needle laden floor. Looking back every so often I [...]