Hitches and hitches

Heading back to the trail, I said goodbye to Bob and his family and met mine a the trail head. Before they came strolling across the field I met a south bounder and said goodbye to Deja Vu and Zen. Apparently they had stayed in town the night before and we're on their way out. [...]

Into Massachusetts

Leaving our secret paradise, we all had feelings of not leaving and wanting to return. Alicia gave us a ride to a trail head that would lead us back to the  AT. The overgrown trail gave some hesitations to the group whether or not it would lead back to the white blazes, but I felt [...]

The endless summer

Waking up we all Mae our way to breakfast, Alicia's guests had prepared a feast for everyone, and we were hungry. Eating our fill we figured out a plan for the day, laundry and library for us. Breaking up into groups Earthling went with Alicia to do laundry while the boys went to the library. [...]

The secret garden

We were a group of four this morning, Flailing, Earthling and I were joined by pu k as we headed out to town for the day. The first few hours went by quick. We spent our time playing name and word games to pass the time. You'd be surprised how much better a hike can [...]

Carrot on the stick

Flailing and I were out by 7 am that morning, pushing hard towards the next shelter 8 mIles away. The small roller coaster terrain led through a beautiful fern Forrest before giving way to challenging climbs and technical trails. Coming upon a lone south boulder we said hello before convincing him he was walking north. [...]

Out of NY into the hornets nest

Flailing and I pushed out hard the morning, wanting to get a good bit of miles done, so we could finish in Connecticut. We talked politics for the first few hours over the rolling ups and downs of New York. Keeping a steady pace we got to know each other better mile by mile. Talking [...]