The endless summer

Waking up we all Mae our way to breakfast, Alicia’s guests had prepared a feast for everyone, and we were hungry. Eating our fill we figured out a plan for the day, laundry and library for us. Breaking up into groups Earthling went with Alicia to do laundry while the boys went to the library. Here I finalized plans with my best friend from home, Bobby, and wrote in my blog. Flailing called home to wish his sister happy birthday and puck caught up on emails. The normal day in town for a hiker, trying to get everything done before we made our way back to the secret garden.

Just like that we wee finished and on our way back, back to the lake and the still beauty of the land. Her rustic home had no power, well water, and a fire to cook on, the perfect way to live simple and clean, free from all the technology and distractions of the modern world. We all took to the boats for the afernoon, Earthling and I behind Puck and Flailing. Exploring the lake we found a ropes wing to jump off from, cliffs to dive from, and a beaver dam to spy on. Not wanting to leave the water earthing and I floated about while the guys headed back in. We were so engrossed in talking that I didn’t even notice them leave.


We talked about home, what was bothering us, our stresses and how the feeling of dread can sneak in on you. Out on the water we had no bounderies, no judgement as we shared our lives with each other; why we had come to the trail, what it was like growing up. An open honest conversation that had no end, we paddled around the lake looking at the beauty as we talked. Getting just hot enough to have to jump in and swim before heading back to get the other two for an island dinner.


Poking them we grabbed our food and slowly paddled back out to the island. Our friendship growing as much as our hunger was. Sitting the eon the island we cooked our food in our stoves and relish din the waning light. Before long the boys and joined us and started a fire for the evening. Flailing took to fishing and even hooked a small mouth bass as Puck tended the fire. Our trail family doing what we do best, laughing, caring for each other and building each other up. As the list dropped down to the horizon, each of us glowed, giving off a youthful look, an energetic, timeless aura. We all sat there watching the clouds roll in as the stars came out.


Hearing the wind pick up we headed for shore and retired to our own cabin. Flailing laying in his bed called home again and played on his phone, while the rest of us sat on the couches. I put on music like I always did when I wrote and tried to get in the mood to crank out a few posts I had been behind on. Across from me, Puck listened to the music and thought of home. He was missing his family bad, looking at Earthling I grabbed her attention, she saw how much he was missing home and curled up next to him to listen. That’s how it is here, simple, your sad you cry, your happy you scream from the mountain tops, you see someone hurting you comfort them.  The band’s we formed out on the lake will last longer than some of the bonds of home. There is no doubt that Flailing and Earthing will remain a big part of my life in the future.

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