The secret garden

We were a group of four this morning, Flailing, Earthling and I were joined by pu k as we headed out to town for the day. The first few hours went by quick. We spent our time playing name and word games to pass the time. You’d be surprised how much better a hike can be when your brain is trying to figure out what name or word is next in the series. It’s also wonderful to have someone to talk to while you are hiking for a change. I had missed the comradery during the day. Most days it’s just myself of just one other person but now it looked as though a trail family was forming again. One that would focus more on miles than spending time in town. 

The miles were quick but the heat made it hard to not notice the amounts of sweat and work we were putting in. The short steep climbs in the heat, sapped my energy, making it hard to stay cool and dry throughout the day. The huge amount of sweat my body was produced in was starting to cause rubbing and chaffing in certain areas where my pack brushed against my sides. The morning was wonderful passing through the pine needle laden trails. The rocks of before we’re not missed and I reveled in the smooth trail for a change.

By afternoon we all were getting a bit any to get to town and Flailing was getting a bit irritated. He just wanted to get there and like that he was off down the trail. Moving at his breakneck pace over the terrain. The only way for me to keep up with him was to run the downs and push the flats. Each up hill he would break away from me and the others, in far better shape than I, were able to hold him in view. Running the miles tired me more quickly than I wanted and made it extremely hard to cool down.

Descending down the steep rocks we made our way to the road into town. Here we thought for just a moment about getting a hitch before a jeep pulled over and asked us to hop in. Climbing is the back we were off to meet up with Earthlings family friend in town. Riding in the back of the Jeep with the top down was exhilarating, akin to riding in the back of a truck, free, floating, almost like flying. The wind in your hair, completely unharnessed,  a touch of adrenaline ,and nothing but smiles. Taking a few pictures to capture the moment, we were in town in just minutes. In town before 5, I ran down to the post office to grab my mail drop. This was almost unheard of for me, nor ally I have to wait a bit and or till the next day.

I had recieved a package from two of my friends and bounced one of them forward to Massachusetts. Fully resupplied, we had no reason to hitch, Alicia, Earthlings family friend was there to pick us up. Excited and ready to get to the cabin we had no idea what was actually in store for us. I pictures a cabin in the woods with some amenities and a quiet place to rest our weary heads. What we found was a beautiful rustic farm, set just off a private lake. The lakeside free of houses and buildings, just the occasional and very sparse dock peaking out. The pristine clear water created a perfect mirror image of the trees and mountains that surrounded it.

We had landed in paradise, a secret garden tucked away from the busyness of the world. I knew just what I had to do, running down to the dock I stripped down and went swimming. All of us did, one by one, jumping into the cold water washing off the sweat and dirt from the day. Each of us taking our own direction set out in to relax. Flailing and I took to the kayaks and explored the lake, Puck went on to write a the fire pit, and Earthling wrote letters and paddled around for a bit. Heading back in, I grabbed my camera and Flailing and I headed for the small island in the middle, to catch the sunset.  Sitting there watching the sun go down, we talked of heavy things, life, friendship and home.

This island in the middle of the lake reminded him of his childhood vacations to Scandinavia and he was missing then a bit. I had missed out on these moments growing up and was soaking up now. The sun slowly coming down we took pictures, enjoying the brotherly bond we had between each other. Posing getting different angles, there was no need for talk between us. Each of us instantly knowing what the other was doing. From the time we met till now, our friendship was primarily that, fitting into place easily and seamlessly. The red sky disappearing we headed back to shore to our trail family for dinner.

Finding Earthling and the others ready for us, we sat at the table and ate like a large family. All of us including her guests, sitting talking, laughing, like we had always done this. The kind of dinner you’d have everyday at home, talking of your day, politics, home, and everything between. One large family, something I have grown to miss, something I long to have in my life. Those few moments in my life where everything comes together in a way that you only see in movies. The night dwindled down as each of us retired to bed at different times, falling asleep from our beautiful day.

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