Off the trail

Box turtle had come in to the camp in the night, afraid, thirsty, wet, and tired. Having showed her the water and helping her back to feeling safe we went to bed.  Waking up after the rain is always the best, you feel refreshed and full again. Heading downhill for the next four miles we [...]

Laurel Falls

Waking up in the mist seemed like our normal thing these days. The night before wasn't that great and neither of us slept well.  Huckleberry and I ate and had one goal for the day, Laurel Falls.  We were both so excited the hike off the mountain went by pretty quick, probably due to us [...]

Double waterfall and Double Dinner

We ate breakfast at a the small town cafe, having biscuits, sausage, eggs, and bacon. Our bellies full, Huckleberry and I said goodbye to MacKenzie and Cash, knowing we wouldn't seem them again most likely.  They were taking a zero day to recoup for Cash and we were going to do some bigger miles. Getting [...]

The hobbit and the mist

Waking up at Over Moutain shelter I was quickly dismayed, there would be no sunrise this morning with the wind and rain. I yelled as I got out of my tent, it seems that I'm just missing the good stuff by a day or hours sometimes. Grabbing all my things, I headed for the shelter [...]

Smiles. Miles, and Views galore

I slept in a bit and was out by seven in the morning. The night before with everyone I ended up staying awake a little longer than I usually do. It's quite comical that around nine at night now I'm nearly useless unless I've read plenty of rest from the day before. Getting up and [...]

Sunsets and friends

Miss Janet dropped us off at Iron Mountain Gap and we did our final photographs with her.  She loves to have lots of pictures of the hikers she helps along the way. This is just one of the many qualities to love about Miss Janet. Hating long goodbyes, I set out unnoticed and unseen.  I [...]

Twenty miles back to Erwin

The plan was to slack pack 20 miles from iron mountain back to Uncle Johnny's.  The only problem was that we were leaving late and that meant we had to hustle to make it back to town. We didn't set out till noon and went off quick. I hit the trail hard, moving at a [...]

Slack Packing and Thinking

We didn't leave Miss Janet's till about noon, getting us back to Spivey Gap around 12:45.  I took off in a hurry, I wanted to put as much space between me and everyone, getting some of that solo hiking in, also when I slack pack I like to keep my heart rate up for some [...]

Pictures and Socks

Waking up after 12 hours of sleep I felt refeshed,alive, returned to my natural self.  I didn't realize how tired I was from Trail Days till that moment. It's that moment when you first wake up and you feel 100 percent immediately, there is no sleeping in, you are just ready for the day. I [...]

12 hours to refresh.

Hiking out in the afternoon is the worst, I'm already past the best part of the day and I'm starting to wind down.  We didn't arrive at the gap till about noon and was exhausted from the sleepless night in Hot Springs. No one slept well, the grumpy mood was all around, everyone on edge [...]