Hitches and hitches

Heading back to the trail, I said goodbye to Bob and his family and met mine a the trail head. Before they came strolling across the field I met a south bounder and said goodbye to Deja Vu and Zen. Apparently they had stayed in town the night before and we’re on their way out. Waiting there I had time to myself to think and ponder how far I had come. I was in New England and be for long I would be finishing. Being out for New York and my home area was a big propellant for me. Finishing was right around the corner.

Watching the two of them walk across the field brought me joy. I had missed them and couldn’t wait to get to town to resupply and get back to the trail. The three of us caught separate rides into town,quickly learning there was no outfitter in town to resupply at. Grabbing our food supply Flailing and I had to hitch three towns over to get fuel. She was looking forward to sitting at a cafe and writing while the two of us figured things out. We caught our first hitch out to the next town which had a fair going on. We hoped the increase in people would increase our chances of getting a ride out.

We sat there for the better part of an hour before we got a ride out of the town. Lucky for us a couple picked us up on their way out Great Barrington. They were picking up produce for the restaurant they owned and see happy to help us out. When we arrived we found they had just two canisters of fuel left. Lucky for rush we bought both and found a quick hitch to the pull over spot three miles away. Sign in hand we stood on the side of the road looking for a ride into town. You’d think two good looking guys stranded on the site of the road would get a quick hitch, but nope. I resorted to selling some skin and recieved many lookers, some even slowed to take it all in before slowly pulling away. We did get lucky and a nice gentleman on his day off brought us back to Great Barrington.

We finished our errands for the day and headed back out to he trail in the late afternoon. The heat hit me quickly and I wondered if I had contracted Lyme’s again. Each mile was strenuous for me, feeling like a a dozen miles. These thoughts persisted up the mountain all the way to the first shelter. I had been feeling off for quite some time and the longer it persisted the more I worried. Setting up our beds we tried to get some sleep before getting up early to head out. I spent most of the night awake as did Flailing. Tossing and turning unable to get away from the bugs and sounds of them buzzing around, 5 am came to soon for me.

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