Goodbye Earthling hello pancakes

Earthling and I made our way to the trail early. For once I felt great, alive, like I was reborn and she on the other hand was not feeling one hundred percent. My feel floated along the trail as I glided over the roots and pine needle laden floor. Looking back every so often I found her falling behind, waiting and resting she would catch me before I was off again. Then on one of the climbs up she was gone back behind me in the trail. I pushed toward the shelter 5 miles ahead and waited for her there. The only spring for water was ice cold and just a small puddle. Taking my time to filter, I made an ice cold Gatorade and waited for her to catch up. Flailing would meet us here at he shelter so we waited for him for an hour we sat and he never showed up.

The two of us and another hiker slowly pushed out the next five miles to the campsite. The girls lost in conversation, laughed and elves into each others college and lives. Finding similarities everywhere, the two of them noticed none of the distance in there in depth conversation. Before long we were at the campsite, as I ran down the mountainside, I could see Flailing about to leave.  Sprinting the last hundred yards or so I caught him and asked him where he had been. There was miscommunication he went to the wrong place and waited there for us.

Eating lunch Earthling recieved some good news, her Aunt was in town and was going to take her away for the afternoon. Just like that it was the boys again while she was off relaxing. We hiked hard since both of us felt awesome. Pushing our way you the road, I informed him needed water. Taking for the cold spring down the road a local gentleman told us of a swimming hole about a mile away. Swimming hole on a hot day, perfect, we thought. Once again the two of us were off on an adventure.

The swimming hole was a refreshing sight for us, the cold spring water rejuvenated our hot bodies as we swam and goofed off in the water. Flailing and I lost track of time at the wonderful spot. The hours growing small we had to leave again it seems like we are always leaving. Back down the trail we went before being offered a ride into town. Sure why not, we were always up for new things, the nice gentleman dropped us back off at trail head for Goose pond. We were told of dinner and pancakes if we go there in time. Pushing hard we hiked the last mile into the cabin.

The rustic cabin built just above the lake had more than enough room for us. The dozen or so hikers heading south took up most of the bunks, but we were in the mood to tent. Just like in our day off I took to writing and Flailing took to swimming. As dinner was prepared we ate and we’re soon off to bed, for when we awoke it would be pancakes and more pancakes. We had come for pancakes and were blessed with dinner too. The caretakers taking care of our every need in this old rustic cabin.

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