Short day to town

Waking up at the shelter I was feeling it, I was hurting. I couldn’t show how bad it was, but it wasn’t good. My legs were stiff and joints ached, swollen knees had me hobble around as I packed up. Earthling was worried and I tried to hide it from her as we got ready to leave. Her and Flailing headed out as I told them I would be right behind them. I was torn, I needed a day off, but I needed to do some miles as well. Feeling the great pain I headed out knowing I wasn’t going to do the whole day.

I made it to the road in good time and without a second of hesitation, hitched into town with some other hikers. Upon reaching then I ate and hit the local gear store for some repairs and replacement parts. I was hoping to get a night in the hostel but to my dismay they were full up and I was shot out of luck. The days of pain and agony had me in grumpy mood and I needed a day off. It was not happening for me to say the least. The best I could do was hold up in a McDonald’s and write till I was caught up. My day got even better as I walked around the floor there, of course they had WiFi and no outlets to charge my devices. Screw it I said, walking back over to the bagel shop to write for the day.

I sat there most of the day, plugging away at the blog. In the event weeks it had been hard to get anything done with that, I did manage to get caught up over the few hours. Still stewing I needed a release, a way to come down and vent my frustration. Zen asked if I wanted to grab a beer and we did just that, walking down to the bar and ordering a pint or 6 in my case. The three of us, Zen, Twiggs, and I sat drinking like it was a normal Friday night as the sun came down in town. I couldn’t let go of the feelings 8 was having. I was stuck, upset and no way to fix it.

Calling friend of mine, Jess and I talked for an hour about the trail and injuries. She had gotten off back in Virginia due to broken thumb and was forced to stop her hike for a while. She had gone through the same emotions of being injured for a while and spurred me along. Telling me she was proud of me and offering any help, reassured that I was going strong and had to remain strong. I would have to endure if I wanted to finish, I had to endure through this rough patch. Knowing this I pushed out back to the trail in the dark. I didn’t hike far but I hiked and that was a start. Reaching the first shelter I bedded up and slept for. Few hours.

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