Feeling off

We had just three miles to get to town to resupply for the day. Getting up early has been easier Ina smaller group recently and we headed out that Sunday morning easy for real food. Coming into town it was easy to see it was Sunday with all the cars occupying the church parking lots. The town itself was void of people and motion with everyone sitting in the pews. Stopping into an Italian restaurant we ordered some pizza and drinks while I wrote and caught up on the blog. The heat of the day would pass before we headed back out.

I wrote for quite some time, its been hard to manage my time these past few weeks.  it seems in hiking with other people I’ve been getting up later and leaving even later still.  These odd hours have thrown off my sleep schedule and my rhythm.  Further throwing me off, I haven’t taken the time to write and catch up on my journey in along time.  Going with the other hikers has cost me that as well and it seems like I have lost sight of that part of the journey for a while.  When we finally decided to leave town we were all smiles again, he had a few beers and I was not as far behind as I was a few hours ago on my blog.

Joking and carrying on we made a sign for passing cars.  we were goofing off relieving the stress of the hike and frustrations we were feeling.  Passing the time has become more important to me recently than miles. My views have changed a bit, taking more time to enjoy the moments rather than pushing for miles everyday. Leaving town we started to see some south bound hikes flowing in our direction.  The farther north we get, the more we see them, they must be the first bubble of hikers heading south, I thought.

It has come to no surprise to Luigi, that I haven’t wanted to hike for while.  I am unsure why I feel that way but he has seen it recently.  We were talking about just that when I asked him what would happen if we got a ride right now into town.  Then from out of nowhere a voice replied from behind us saying he’d take us into town his car was just a hundred feet away.  Trail magic, a ride in the middle of the woods, feeling down, you’d have to be crazy not to accept the blessing.  We did just that, we headed into town for the night.

After being dropped off at the church, we found the place was all to ourselves.  Even better, they had food, refrigerators, showers, laundry, beds, everything we could possibly need or want.  This place was heaven to us, settling in we both took our time and got cleaned up while I tried to get in the mood to write.  My head was not in the place to do it, it was growing ever increasingly hard to get in the mindset to pug away at the words.  Instead we watched movies and feasted for the evening before going to sleep.

Heading out the next morning was even harder, we sat around till about noon watching movies while Luigi slept.  I had no motivation to get going, it got worse when a gentleman from the nearby church came to see us.  he informed us that he could use our help moving some food over to our fridge and we could take what we wanted.  We were blown away by what he had to share, dozens of pies, donuts, pastries, cookies, cheese cake, sandwiches and so on, there surely was no reason to leave now.  Luigi seeing the trap finally mustered up and pushed me to get out and hike for the day.

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