My time with my friends had come to an end, I had to go to Denali, to start the next chapter. I worried a bit of how I would get there, I reminded my self that the trail would provide. Deciding on the most trusted form of travel, my sweet legs and my thumb, I opted to hitchhike to Denali. It would be my longest distance if I was successful, over 120 miles. I was dropped off at the outskirts of town and started hitchhiking. I remember back to a comment Zen or Caesar said to me: “Just because Gandolf can summon a hawk to fly him anywhere doesn’t mean he uses it all the time.” I needed my superpower now and trusted in it. Within minutes I wax Ina car on my way to a better spot and in just a few more minutes I was in a truck headed for the homestead. I still had the touch, I was happy to know that.

Being welcomed by the staff at the homestead I knew that it would be a much better fit than the last place. The handler Melanie gave me a tour of the area and our property, her wealth of knowledge was great great to have. Once I had gotten settled in, I started to unpack. Disaster struck… I turned my laptop on to see the screen had borken. What would I do now? So much for buying a camera as soon as I could. Calling home, I talked with my brother in a and we worked out and stradegy for photo editing without a pc. I knew what my first check would go to.

The next few days were spent hauling brush, which was actually full size trees, off a hillside and doing general construction. It felt good to get paid for a change. I slowly started to get to know my coworkers. I still had a poor attitude from before, I could feel it infect everything I did. I pushed thought my own attitude as the days went on. On one lazy Sunday, Alex and I took the dogs out for a short run, just ten miles. The beautiful scenery, and quietness of the day brought me back some, to my better self.

I could feel myself coming back around the more I had time to myself. Each day I was coming back to the happy easy going guy I was before. I had passed my CDL exam and had a few days to myself. A concept so foreign from before, yet so desperately needed. I started to enjoy the work again, and looked forward to meeting new people. Working with Alex helped more than I thought, he was easy to talk to and willing to discuss anything. I enjoyed my new friend. I had moved to Denali and was excited again for this new adventure.

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