Free At Last

The next week or so went by a little better, Hans was away and three of us were free to run the kennel.  Without him Hansing it up it went smoothly.  My animosity still grew, but I had a light at the end of the tunnel.  My next job would be starting soon and it came as a relief in the distance.  My feelings of bitterness had smoothed for a time as we ran tours with great customers.  There were a few tips which helped and the days were not so jam packed.

Maybe it was the calm before the storm, maybe I had let go and not cared anymore.  Either way it didn’t last long.  I had things to do for my next job and it conflicted with what Hans wanted me to do.  I had no days off and when he did give them he took them back and wanted me to do more work.  I had reached my breaking point; I no longer cared what he thought, I wasn’t even getting paid.  He kept saying we were the best paid handlers and yet as a tour guide we made nothing.  He pocketed all the cost from the tours and we saw none of it.

When he asked me to help with the construction of work shed I was done.  I told him that wasn’t happening and that I wasn’t going to work for free.  He gave me two options, to either do it or pack my stuff.  Well that was simple I called my next employer and my friend as was all set to leave.  From there it went up and down.  He was hostile, he understood, back and forth it would go.  By the time I had my stuff out of the hostel, I was getting provoking messages on my cell.  I couldn’t help but smile, I was free and never felt better.

I moved in with the only friends I had made and spent the next week helping out around their house. My days went quick as I cleaned, played with the kids, and enjoyed my time down. I was very grateful to have them and I cherished the kindness and generosity they had shown me. Probably the best week I had in Alaska since getting there. I had time to think and it was obvious, my time spent with Hans had left a bad taste in my mouth about the state, mushing and dogs. I hoped that when I get to denali that it would change for the better. For one I would get paid and another I’d have days off too. I was excited to get there.

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