Duck on a pond

In leaving Rhode Island, I took the train to Boston with flailing, one last adventure. In just a few hours we met up with déjà vu and were on our way to his place to drop our stuff. He looked different, still the same though, his beard had been neatly trimmed and he was much [...]

Missing puzzle piece

It had been just over a week since I completed the trail. I knew coming into this, that I would have an adjustment in coming back.  Most if not all of my friends were home with their families and friends, I on the other hand hadn't returned yet.  Earthling had left for California a day [...]


I slept a little, not much, but enough to be 100 percent for the morning and that was all I needed.  I quickly chugged my energy drink and got out of my bag and into my gear. Earthling, so excited, broke out in song as she emerged from her cocoon of a sleeping bag.  The [...]

The climb

Waking up we laid around the room for a long time, debating leaving or staying.  It wasn't our words that debated, it was our actions, there was no sense of urgency. When we did finally pack up and leave we walked back into town and looked for a ride out.  We were on the corner [...]