The Call

I had received a message in the middle of the night, I was needed up in Alaska.  A job offer that had turned me down in October had come back and needed me; that was unheard of.  I did my best to stifle my thoughts and emotions, still falling into a whirlwind with them.  My thought swirled about, could I afford to go, should I go, many other followed suit.  I ran down the hall to Heidi and sought her thoughts.

It was the middle of the night and as she read over my messages she said I had to go.  I had to go, but how, she offered to pay for my flight, I refused.  We spent the better part of the night and early morning hours looking at flights and researching what I’d be doing.  I kept coming back with the same question, what do I tell everyone?

Then it happened I was told my flight was paid for, I had to go.  All my oppositions were being taken care of.  I made the decision then, I was going to Alaska.  I had one week to settle everything at the ranch.  Each day was filled with packing prepping and telling my friends I would be leaving.  Many were sad and others were in disbelief that I was leaving so sudden.  I had to find some way to tell Steve Peterson though.  Finding my best opportunity he said the same thing, I had to go.  If I didn’t he would go in my stead.  It was settled, I had everything set I was leaving for the great north in a few days.

I said my last goodbyes the night before as Heidi and I headed to Denver for the airport.  Spending the afternoon together we laughed talked and took photos on our way to the airport.  Just a quick hug and I she was back in her trusted car and disappearing into the night.  I spent the next 7 hours waiting for the Airline to open and the next 24 flying across the country.   When I finally touched down in Fairbanks I was greeted with some trail magic and not my employer.

A wonderful local woman had given me 30 dollars and a ride to the hostel where I was staying at for the night.  Little did I know I would be living at the hostel with no water and kitchen.  But that is a story for another time.  Waking the next morning I was greeted by Hans in his ripped up down jacket, spewing feathers like a plucked turkey.

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