Lonely Mountain View

Waking up I was in a good mood, that was until Earthling spoke. She had noticed a hole in my tent and I was furious. I knew immediately what it was from, a red squirrel. That little shut had chewed a nickel size hole in my tent while I was sleeping.  What made the injury [...]

Heavy thoughts

Leaving camp in the morning the only thought on my mind was how soon this journey would come to an end.  In just a few days I would be starting my final climb of this trip. I had just a day or two more left in the hundred mile wilderness and all I could think [...]

Flailing lost in the wilderness

We got up early, knowing we had a big day ahead.  Two ford's, four mountains and a road to get to, quite the day.  Flailing was gone and out the door first thing.  Earthling and I hiked together for a change and talked all the way to the first river fording.  She had been fighting [...]

Into the hundred mile wilderness

Leaving Monson the next morning with all of our gear, food, and full bellies we headed out late, just past noon.  Taking quite some time to get a hitch, we crammed into the backseat of four person pickup and headed to the trail. The trail following along the side of a giant lake, gifted us [...]

Into Monson

Starting out in the morning we had a nice nine mile section of flat ground. I had forgotten that meant it was rocks and roots.  The first four miles were absolute misery as I walked through a flowing creek of a trail. In Maine when a spring comes across the trail, the maintainers don't route [...]

Still feeling off

Waking up the next morning I slept more than I had in a few days, but not through the night.  I was still feeling off and headed out with no breakfast. The climb up the first mountain was just that a climb.  I thought of only my hand and foot placement and the misery I [...]

Misery in Maine

I hadn't slept well and was still in pain when I got up.  I clearly wasn't the only one that was in a bad mood, when I was harped at by Earthling when she awoke.  Feeling the need to not be attacked, I packed up and left without breakfast. I needed to get to the [...]

Heavy miles and thoughts

Leaving the hut wasn't hard, it was impossible, the food was outstanding, the company even better.  Getting dropped back off at the trail, we started our hike, heavy from food and our uneaten resupply. The three of us were like zombies, dragging our feet with no energy in our limps to propel them forward. The [...]

The coin was right

Waking up, we knew we had a long day ahead of us.  Seventeen miles and the last of the big mountains for a while. The only setback was I couldn't find my pack cover and my supposed trash bag as a liner was torn to bits. Needles to say my gear was not protected from [...]

Over 2000 and on fire

Once again I awoke in the cold, my legs stiff from working so hard and from being cold.  Each step coming out of the morning had to be planned until my body and legs synced back up.  I left before the others as usual, I liked being on fire.  The steep climb going almost straight [...]