Marathon of Miles

I hit the first view early in the morning, we should have stayed at this camp site but the other had too much appeal. This had beautiful views but it wasn't as expansive as the shelter views. Breaking and checking my map I noticed if I pushed hard I could get 26 miles down for [...]

Smiles not Miles

Leaving town isn't always easy, but I was on a mission and this time for me it was a quick resupply. McDonald's for wifi and the dollar store for food and off I went to CVS to get a toothbrush. Wouldn't you know it Moonlight and Moonlover were there too.  Quickly shopping the thee of [...]

What will your verse be?

The married couple spent the entire night arguing, whatever was so important at 2, 4, 5 in the morning kept most of us up.  Between the shelters and the uneven surfaces I've slept on this wouldn't stop me for the day.  Packing up silently, I headed back to the store for a Gatorade to hydrate [...]

Bear vs no water

I had to go into town to resupply, catching an early morning hitch into town I stopped at the post office and dairy queen. Filling my bladder form there soda machine I caught another hitch back to the campsite.  So far the morning was going to plan, I had gotten in and out of town [...]

Hike your own Hike

For all I knew Goodfoot was ahead of me and I needed to catch him.  I packed up quickly and headed out, soaked in my wet clothes.  I made great time over the rocks and roots on the ridge.  Falling and straining my ankle didn't even slow me, I was on a mission to get [...]

The wind and the rain

Sleeping in the field left me feeling refreshed and ready for the days events.  I wanted to get some good miles in so I left before Goodfoot that morning.  Across from our field were other fields and on this particular morning there was a herd of cows feeding on grass not to far from the [...]

Some’ll Win and Some’ll Lose

I slept fairly well with someone I knew close by.  It's hard to describe the feeling of security when your alone in the woods with predators near by.  Having someone with you during the night lessons the need for alertness. Waking up I decided the pizza I hiked out was way too heavy and decided [...]

Waited all day to relax

As it turns out there are no shuttles on the weekend out of Partnership Shelter, we would have to hike to town.  Packing up my stuff I headed for the road with the others, hoping it wouldn't take long to get into Marion. We weren't out there five minutes before the 6 of us were [...]

Pizza and prayers

I didn't sleep well again, it's been three nights of unrested sleep.  Baby Face snores so loud he could wake the dead, nnhhhaaaaaahhhhh every breath. I was up early and Snuck out without making a sound. Packed up and hit the trail with Packer Hat and Ducky again, we had 20 miles in our plan [...]