One thing leads to another

We set a goal of thirty miles for the day, the only way we could justify taking the slow day before. Since we were now hiking partners, Diesel and I, took the opportunity to get to know each other for the morning. Playing the question game, we took turns sharing and asking questions. This went on for a few miles before we came to our first water source. Here I needed a break and had to rest, I still wasn’t all there. Diesel hiked out and I continued behind him a little slower than his breakneck pace.

As I hiked alone to Jennings Creek all I could think about was my phone and the package I had waiting in Glasgow. Son of a Bitch, it was Friday and I needed to get to town tomorrow to get to the post office. Looking over our details I would arrive around 1 in the afternoon which wasn’t bad, or so I thought. Apparently the post office was only open from 830 am to 1030 am on Saturday, there would be no way I could make it. Reaching the swimming hole, I broke the news to Diesel and we had to brainstorm a solution.

At the post office were my new insoles, which were 200-300 miles overdue.  I needed them yesterday, my feet were killing me, each step was like walking on glass. The only solution we could come up with was to catch a ride out to Glasgow and come back.  I had to leave right then if I was going to make it, if it didn’t get any worse I still did not have my phone. I would have to wait for I’m Bob to show up and then try and get a ride out. Worse comes to worse he, hopefully could drive me to town in the evening.

It was just a few minutes after the guys hiked out that he showed up.  Being ever so grateful I thanked him and praised him for bringing me my phone. We talked briefly and considered taking em to town in the evening if it was possible. I would then head to a campground to charge my hone and wait to hear from him. As a back up I heard from the owner a guy was heading into town and could take me to town. Being that the post office had already closed by then, he would have to be my only choice. Telling I’m Bob I had a ride, I waited and waited for my time to leave.

My crap day would only get better from there, at the last minute, I was informed he wasn’t going to town.  Calling few shuttles, I found out some of them were out of town and the only one in town would charge me 80 dollars to drive me twenty miles. Screw that I thought, even if I waited till Monday in town I wouldn’t spend that much, I’d have to pray and get a hitch. The owner drove me back to the waterhole and I waited, thumb out as everyone came in from the other direction. No one was leaving town, I was screwed.

That was until two young woman became my trail angels. They were from the city and were out swimming for the day.  Offereing me a ride, without fully knowing where I was going, I couldn’t say no.  We had no cell service and at the least it was starting out in the right direction. Heading down the country road we all got to know each other and laughed.  Having new people to meet refreshed me some, I’d have to rehike this section later, my insoles were way to important at this point to lose 3 days waiting.

Patiently and encouraging they helped me find our way to town.  The two lovely women, dropped me off with a plate of food and made sure I was all set before heading out.  I was honored and blessed to have had them there at that moment.  Saying goodbye we swapped info and I asked them to keep in touch as I hiked the trail.  Setting up in the shelter I met a few other hikers and resupplied at the Dollar General.  The willingness to help and share is so abundant on the trail, from the trail angels who brought me there, to the hikers who offered me dinner as well.

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