Marching to music

Recovered from the weather, mostly dry we set our for another big day, 25 miles. At one of our first gaps we, Huck and I, met a couple from Vermont. They shared with us pretzels and more magic. Giving us thier info they told us when we reached Vermont that they would provide more magic on the trail to us. Excited and refreshed both Huck and I were over the Virginia Blues. Each view we hit was just as beautiful if not better than the next.  We could see for miles and miles over the valleys and other ranges.


Our day would melt away to music and views. Each step blending into the other over the road as we crossed mile after mile. We hiked so long we ran out of water and had to yogi for some. Yogi’ing is not something I like to do, I feel like after beggar, but we needed water. Asking few couples we found one who had extra and supplied us with plenty to finish the day.  Rehydrated and ready to go we drowned back into the miles of road.  The only break in our day would be the multiple conversations we would have with other visitors about the Appalachian Trail. 

In general many people were unaware of this journey and that it even was so close to them. The questions flowed and so did our conversations, we found ourselves behind schedule and loosing list towards the end of the day. We were set on stealth camping at the picnic grounds before we decided to get more food at the way side two miles up.  Catching a ride to thew wayside, from a lovely local couple, we bought snacks and milk. Feasting and full, they returned with food and some trail magic for the two of us.  To our surprise we were reunited with Squirt and Whoopee for the evening. Staying there zt our campsite we all went to bed quickly and slept like the dead.

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