Lost and Found

It has been a while since I have written anything.  I find myself becoming distracted more and more, not due to lack of focus but due to life.  What was it John Lennon said? “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.”  I could not agree more.  Work, wine, and whims have been drawing me out these days.  It doesn’t help that I have been dog-sitting these past few weekends and with being short handed at work has me so exhausted, rest calls to me.  I have been struggling to stay focused with all the distractions.  Mentally focused, my financial savings for the trip are still growing slowly but still growing.  I have been having trouble staying the path.  I am struggling to keep writing tonight even though I have started this a few times in the past four days.  I finally sat down tonight and committed to writing, anything, just so I would stay in the habit of documenting my venture.  there have been thoughts and questions of my adventure though.

My brother has decided to join me on this venture for now.  This could either come as a blessing or a curse, he has always been very close to me.  I wonder if it will be different in the woods and away from society for him.  He and I have done much traveling but never together.  I wonder if there is a reason why.  More importantly this could change his life for the better.  He has traveled extensively by foot and all his journeys which without any proof could be questioned to there validity.  If he were to finish this journey and have the documentation all his travels would be validated more or less, at least to some degree.  This one small act could forever change his life for the better.  I hope he can commit to this and be steadfast over the miles.  2181 is a long distance, but its just one small walk each day.  Can he, will he be able to succeed?

I did let slip to my boss this past week of my pending departure.  Ironically with all the joking and kidding about him walking the trail with me, laying on a platform being supported by people like in the old roman days, I was a little surprised to see he wasn’t upset.  As a matter of fact, it was the opposite.  He has been giving more training so that no matter where I go I would have certifications that would aid in finding a job between the trails.  This has come as a great motivator at work for me.  The more I do well the better chance I  could have to return to this job or another one like in in the mean time.  Just having an option after the trail is a comforting thought.

I talked with my oldest friend Bobby this week as well.  This was the first time we were able to get together and really talk about what each other were up too.  He is expecting a child and at the time of writing this he now has a son as of yesterday.  We talked of the trail and my reasons for going, bobby did as he always did, listened and kept an open mind.  Upon hearing why and when I was leaving he responded with you know our house is only a mile or so from the trail.  He then said I was welcome to stay the night as I passed through, just then his dad called.  I spoke with Mr. J. briefly about my divorce and the trail and as fate would have it, he said the same thing Bobby did.  Mr. J. said he had a condo not even a mile from the trail and if I made it that far there would be food booze and friends waiting to welcome me and  celebrate my accomplishment.  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,  Mr. J. was always a great father figure growing up and Bobby is just like his father.  I have no doubt he, Bobby will be just as great of a father as Mr. J. has been.  This outcry of love, support and excitement is more fuel for myself and my journey.

In writing tonight, of being lost over the past few weeks.  Then reflecting on my brother, boss, best friend and family I realize I wasn’t lost all along, I was finding more about my circle of friends and family.  Looking back on what I have written tonight, I see that even people I did not tell initially are supportive and approving.  This journey which begins in just a few short months will be a new beginning and a transformation of sorts.  I am sure there will be very low lows and and high highs but it will make me better and give me focus.  The only hope is that I take from this what I am meant to.

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