My brother and I have been talking quite a bit, lately of my pending trip.  This is a big event for me, not in the miles but in accomplishing something great for myself.  I do not want to do it alone, i want to share this venture with him, everyone, and anyone willing to follow me.  I had asked him before to join me, I asked him one last time, this time he agreed.  What a great moment, I was filled with joy, excitement, apprehension and doubt all at once.

These feelings swirled all at once with many thoughts and questions.  How will we get together? He lives in Massachusetts and I live in Delaware.  Will his obligations be finalized by March/April?  Can he stay the course as we trek along? Will he become my greatest ally or my persistent thorn?  So many questions, yet they all have the same answer.  It matters not because at the least he is with me.  It has been years since the two of us have sought out trouble, danger, excitement, adventure together.  Even if he sticks it out to Neels Gap in Georgia, it will be worth it.

My brother and I are Irish Twins, born one year and two days apart, we couldn’t have more similar personalities if we tried.  Two sides of the same coin, this usually leads to many many arguments when either of us is passionate about something.  The funny thing is that no matter the argument it has always been the two of us against the world, The Jones Boys or Kay’s Boys.  Like all true Irish Twins we will always put aside our quarrels if something were to interrupt us and take up a united cause against that thing or person.  We bring out the best and worst in each other at all times, forever competing, fighting, pushing, helping, loving, hating each other.

Right now Kevin has been a beacon of support and optimism, always coming up with good ideas and supportive thoughts.  Every so often hell text me some prayer or thought of his to boost my morale and to let me know I am on his mind.  This is a true blessing for me, I hope that we can accomplish this together.  The three of us, Roland, Kevin, and myself trekking across America.  Oh how grand it will be.  By no means am I foolish or naive, we will not always like each other as the days past we will fight, but I have faith that The Jones Boys are more stubborn than some petty squabble to not accomplish this goal.

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