Fears and Motivations

     Fears, we all have them, they drive us to avoid things and/or people in our lives or they provide the wind that will propel us forward and alleviate the anxiety.  these feelings and fears become a driving force creating motivation for us.  When I was discharged from the army I wanted to get a tattoo of that very idea, the motivation that propelled me to get home.  My mental picture of this tattoo was a dog sled team traveling across the tundra. The driver is obviously myself and the dogs that pull the driver were reasons to come home. As the team brought the driver home so would the reasons bring me home. At the time my reasons to return not only physically but mentally and emotionally; were my friends, family, love, who I used to be, my dogs, and my future wife.  These ideas I held onto in the darkest of times that they shined a light through the heavy and choking clouds of doubt. 

     The reasons for me to attempt this adventure are fairly pure and simple. At this point in my life I have been set free. Free from responsibility, burden and commitments. Free to follow any path I choose. This is the perfect time to accomplish a journey of this magnitude. I’ve searched for a long time of where and what my purpose is and have had no luck in the normal way of doing things.     So unburdened as I am I set out into the great unknown to not only find myself but my place in this world, to let my destiny unfold.

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