American Cancer Society

Over the past few weeks, Kevin and myself have been in contact with the American Cancer Society.  I am so proud to say that they are behind us all the way.  They thought our idea of doing this for cancer was great, no one has ever done this before, let alone with a dog as far as they know.  I can’t tell you how excited I am to know they are with us for this adventure.

So many ideas are going back and forth right now as we iron out the details.  A few things we have Jennifer and I have proposed together; are doing Relay for Life in each state as we trek across the country, doing a live broadcast with Boston’s own Relay for Life this summer if we cannot make it there for the event, even getting the local media involved.  As we get our website together we hope to set up a pledge ability where you and companies could commit to an amount per mile donation to the ACS, as well as a straight flat donation too.

All of our progress will be updated like it has been weekly to daily here on this blog, as well as Facebook and other social media.  I am hoping we can get this huge event off the ground and really do something great to give back to everyone.  I can’t wait to see how big this will get, the more people who support us/this in their own way, the better. As soon as this gets a little more grounded and stable we hope to be contacting local media outlets to spread our mission and hopes.

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