Hiker hostel

We arrived at the hostel and this hostel wasn’t really what I expected.  Really and truly I didn’t haven’t much of an expectation but I did not expect a wooden cabin that looked more like a five star hotel.  There were multiple rooms with bunk beds, singles, two kitchens, loft, two living rooms three porches, and many other niceties. All of us were in heaven here, looking at all of the beautiful woodwork, floors and walls.

We all walked around in amusement while they settled us into our bunks.  It is a shame we were her only one night, this is the kind of place you’d want to stay a week at.  Sitting around the living room we got further acquainted with each other. Yuri was from Germany and had seen a documentary, Dennis wqs from Holland and finished a thru hike in 2013. Dan had hiked 700 miles of the trail and was forced off then, he was returning to thruhike.  Don had retired and was looking for some adventure and maybe some magic. Alaina was doing a section hike before getting back to work on Monday.

People poured in throughout the day, this place was definitely a great find on Kevin’s part. The staff was excellent and couldn’t have been more accommodating to us.  Breakfast the next morning was to die for.  French toast, eggs, coffed, tea, hot chocolate, grits, bacon, and more. We feasted as talked of the trail and what we planned to do.  Some of us would hike out that day and others would stay there.  One thing though if these people were any hint of what the trail was about, this is sure to be one fun, amazing journey.


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