Hanover Games

Flailing and I went our separate ways once we reached town that morning.  He had to hitch to Boston to exchange gear and I had to get my resupplies taken care of.  I exchanged my shoes at the outfitter before heading back into town to check on mailed packages at the other outfitter.  The local shop, Zimmermans, was a nice quiet place that allowed me sort my food drop and go through my gear.  As luck would have it most of my packages hadn’t arrived yet and I would need to wait till the Post Office opened in the morning to get them.

The rest of the day was spent enjoying what the town had to offer and taking up the local businesses on the free food they offered to hikers.  the pizza place was the spot to be at, food, WiFi, other hikers, there wasn’t one thing left out.  As the day drug on I tried desperately to find a place to stay for the night and to no avail was anyone home.  My only recourse was to hang out at the pizza place till someone got back to me.

Over the course of the day hikers came and went and I would be joined by Deja Vu, Socarates, and Shadow Monk.  The four of us ate and drank till the sun came down, while i still tried to find a place for us to stay.  When all hope was lost I received a phone call from just one of the trail angels in town.  He picked us up promptly and brought us back to his house for the evening.  What luck, as he gave us a tour of the house we were excited to have a sauna for the first time on the trail.  A sauna in house of all places, we stripped down and used it almost immediately before falling asleep and helping out with wood the next morning.

Chores done I headed to the post office in the morning to get the rest of my resupply.  Picking through my gear I mailed out the old stuff and made my way back to the pizza place to wait for Earthling to come in to town.  When she finally arrived we were whisked off by her friend for a quiet dinner evening at her house.  The next morning we headed back to town to find Flailing and prepare to hike out.

No dice, he was no where to be found and we had but one option for a while, the pizza place.  Heading back over we spent the morning waiting for him to arrive.  Upon his eventual arrival we packed up and hiked out of town, or so we thought.  We got as far as the soccer fields before i joined in with the solo player.  Before long the four of us were kicking the ball around in the afternoon.  With the player leaving us the ball, the three of us ran drills and played with each other for an hour or so.  The other hikers would see us and want in on the game.

Like a rival gang the other hikers in a line came out of the woods and slowly walked across the field.  Their bodies a direct challenge of us versus them, the Mover clan vs the family, a showdown for the ages.  Splitting up teams we had a real game going on.  Goals were scored on either side as the competition heated up.  For the first time since school, Flailing and Earthling got to place some real soccer once again.

As the game finished we headed to the market for dinner ingredients and a beer.  Feasting on our well bought dinner we knew we weren’t going to make it out of town that night and sought to set up camp in the woods for the hike out in the morning.  Bellies stuffed, food babies growing we slowly lingered over to the woods and slept, that was until 3 am when the other hikers came back drunk and rowdy from the bar.  Another night without sleep for us again.

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