Short and Quick

We sat around all morning after breakfast, doing nothing but laying in bed and talking.  We had no reason to get out with ten miles to make it to the hostel, so we could start the White Mountains.  Enjoying our lazy morning we slowly made our way to the outside.  Flailing was trying to get a hitch by laying in the middle of the road.  No luck for him, the sheer lack of cars made it impossible for him to get a ride for us.  Joining him on the side of the road I threw out my leg to attract the cars like I had done every time before.  Within minutes we had cars coming our way and sure enough one pulled over.

Flailing laying claim to have gotten the hitch, I told him it was the leg as we approached the car.  Throwing our stuff in, the wife of the driver informed us the only reason they pulled over was because of my sweet leg.  Looking over to Flailing I laughed, he knew who was the magic man.  We set off down the trail and like a bullet I was off again, up and over the first mountain with no one in tow.  Cruising past the first five miles i spied a pond and took in the sights before heading back to the trail.

Reaching the road i found myself alive and full of energy, taking the opportunity I laid down and checked my watch.  5 miles in under an hour and a half, I was cruising.  It would be about ten minutes before Earthling caught me napping and another half an hour before Flailing caught us.  Without saying a word he trucked on up the trail and we picked our gear up and took off after him.  Well not really after him, but down the trail.  It was apparent something was bothering him and we wanted to give him space.

Making great time over the next five miles we came to the Hikers Welcome Hostel and settled in for the night.  The next day we would slack pack over Mount Moosilauke and we wanted to take it easy.  The hostel manager called out for any cooks on the grill and I instinctively volunteered.  Grilling was something I enjoyed and missed quite a bit.  Grilling up dogs, burgers, and brats, I was in my element, beer in hand music in the background.  the perfect way to spend Labor Day weekend.  We hung out for the night and were greeted over the evening by familiar faces and friends.

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