Road walking and resupply

Leaving the shelter, I was behind the others.  Everyone had set out at thier own pace and Flailing was far ahead. I spent my morning thinking, of home, friends, family. Letting my thoughts drift off as easily as they came.  The quiet moments on the trail afford many thoughts and time spent lost deep in them. The sounds of birds and squirrels blend together forming a relaxing white noise. Trail brain takes over, letting thoughts come in freely. In an almost meditative state, I’ve cherished these moments. It wasn’t long before I came to the river crossing with he other two waiting on the other side.

Swiftly stepping over the stones I crossed the other side, stopping only for a moment to change my layers. Flailing wanted to push to the second road into town and I had suggested the first. There were ten miles between the two and he was absolutely certain we had missed the post office. The truth was we had all day to get there and with the absence of reliable hitching we would have to go in that day no matter what. It was Friday and the last full day for the post office. There was only one option at this point, I would have to go into town and grab everyone’s stuff and hike out.

Flailing was long gone, feeling great, so I told Earthling as I reached the road and started down towards town. The old country road, with no markings, was void of all traffic. I would get about six miles before someone picked me up and drive me the other two into town. I was quick in town, I hit the post office and grabbed six boxes, shopped and repacked everything into my pack in less than two hours. With that I took back off down the road to the other side of town. My pack weighed in close to 70 lbs with all the extra gear and ten days worth of food.

For 7 miles I walked down the road, no truck would help me get back out to the trail head for two and half hours. I had cursed and become fed up with the lack of hospitality by the point. There was no traffic on the road and what other reason would someone walking down the the road be doing out there. The small town was a trail town and accustomed to hikers, the only thought was that the people who passed me were not locals. It wasn’t until I had accepted walking 9 miles back that a truck pulled over and offered to take me to the trail head.

Fortune had finally shined on me, I was happy to not have walked the other two. In total I had done 17 miles instead of 21. The large weight had been heavy on my shoulders on the road and I was happy to have it off as I set up camp at the trail head. I spent the next hour gathering fire materials for the large fire pit. Prepping camp and thinking of anything to make it easier for the others who were still walking in. When they finally arrived the fire was lit camp was mad and they were welcomed with open arms.

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