Social Media and Connectivity

Well, it’s been a long two days of linking accounts, uploading content, and getting everything synced.  But, we think we’ve got it well enough to publish.  The easiest part was setting up a new Instagram and Sierra crushed that out in no time; linking our accounts and getting pictures for post.  Next she created our Facebook page and had to sit through and request everyone to like our page.  That took probably the most time for her to do, lots of clicking invite on hers and mine.

While she was working on that I managed to get two blog posts up and a complete overhaul of my blog site.  I am excited to have menus and links for everyone to click.  For anyone who is a gear nut you will be able to see my transition from lightweight/comfort backpacker to truly lightweight/ultralight.  We are very excited to share all this information with you all and are looking forward to what else may come.  Thank you to everyone for the love and support and I look forward to your feedback as we progress as a company and as individuals.

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