Misery in Maine

I hadn't slept well and was still in pain when I got up.  I clearly wasn't the only one that was in a bad mood, when I was harped at by Earthling when she awoke.  Feeling the need to not be attacked, I packed up and left without breakfast. I needed to get to the [...]

Heavy miles and thoughts

Leaving the hut wasn't hard, it was impossible, the food was outstanding, the company even better.  Getting dropped back off at the trail, we started our hike, heavy from food and our uneaten resupply. The three of us were like zombies, dragging our feet with no energy in our limps to propel them forward. The [...]

The coin was right

Waking up, we knew we had a long day ahead of us.  Seventeen miles and the last of the big mountains for a while. The only setback was I couldn't find my pack cover and my supposed trash bag as a liner was torn to bits. Needles to say my gear was not protected from [...]

Over 2000 and on fire

Once again I awoke in the cold, my legs stiff from working so hard and from being cold.  Each step coming out of the morning had to be planned until my body and legs synced back up.  I left before the others as usual, I liked being on fire.  The steep climb going almost straight [...]

Out front and down first

Waking up in the cold again had me moving, anything to keep warm.  I was packed up in a hurry and so was everyone else.  We were determined to get on with the day, the cold was draining us and beating us down.  I passed Flailing quickly on the way up the first mountain.  My [...]

Missing Person

Waking up I wen to the privy and to the shelter.  Flailing had a fire going already and had chosen to not wake us up.  I surveyed the untouched gear in the shelter and packed up my stuff quickly.  The belongings in the shelter troubled me, each item placed so specifically.  The sleeping bag, laid [...]

Cold Hard Luck

I was awoken to the sounds of fire, first thing that morning. Staring at my tent wall, I could see the mirage of air on the other side. Someone had made a fire and was trying to get us out of bed.  The air below 30, kept me inside my sleeping bag for as long [...]

Too cold to walk

Waking up in the freezing get cold was brutal. It had dropped so much so quickly that none of us were prepared. The first thing on my mind easy getting the fire restarted. Walking back out to the road for some birch I happened to turn right and low and behold a moose. Just as [...]

Road walking and resupply

Leaving the shelter, I was behind the others.  Everyone had set out at thier own pace and Flailing was far ahead. I spent my morning thinking, of home, friends, family. Letting my thoughts drift off as easily as they came.  The quiet moments on the trail afford many thoughts and time spent lost deep in [...]

Took all day to hitch

We had gotten lucky and recieved some sweet trail magic from a local. He had put us up for the night at his house and allowed us the use of the kitchen and showers. Even better he lived halfway to the trail.  Leaving that morning was easy, we walked the mile or so back to [...]