Relaxing and goofing off

Just as I had done the day before I was up and out early. Leaving down the trail, I found peace over the rolling smooth hills, the long slow slope down made for easy going and in general, a wonderful expierence.  I ran into Sparky randomly in a field and couldn’t have been more excited.  I had last seen him in Georgia and it had been too long.  We chatted, caught up, and reminisced for a moment or two, he had shaved his face and I wasnt accustomed to seeing him this way.  It always amazes me when I randomly come across a friend of mine.

Leaving my good friend, while he packed his tent up, I headed towards a grave site.  This site was special because it was of two Union soldiers who had been killed coming home to visit their family.  It wasn’t uncommon for soldiers to choose the other side and be ambushed at home.  Gary Snapshot, had stayed here the night before and had a great camp spot in the field.  I was told he encountered a large group of bears in the night, they had not been deterred by his actions.  Gary and returned in the middle of the night to the shelter.

Passing the grave sites I enjoyed the slow long easy downhill. Walking down the ridges and across the fields I made great time.  I soon found myself at a nice little gap with great cell service, trees to sit against, and flat ground.  It was only 10:30 in the morning and the six or so miles had been quick this morning.  I checked my phone and for that Kevin had arranged a shuttle for us to Trail Days in Damascus. I spoke with him and the kitty’s and we decided to leave at the next gap,  which was just for short miles away. Sitting here enjoying the views and sounds I wrote and relaxed. It wasn’t too long before Gary joined me and sat down. We spent the next few hours sitting, waiting, and relaxing.  We were there so long that we had unpacked or stuff and made a cozy little area. Our own little camp for the afternoon, we were greeted by other hikers who sat had lunch and left.

Before we knew it Snapshot and I had spent the better part of five hours there.  Packing up we hiked to the shelter only a mile away with one very brief climb.  Coming into the shelter a few minutes later, or what it seemed liked, we ate dinner and waited for the rest of everyone to show up.  We all played to kill time, hearts with Teddy, I made a fire while the girls ate and chatted, Theseus and Snapshot Wrestled like boys, we even jumped rope.  One thing led to another and we end up tying each other up with the jump rope and making handcuffs too.  We just enjoyed our afternoon off blowing steam any way we could. It was so serene having the time to just goof off, no destination, no time clock, nothing but the wonderful afternoon with friends and family.

When Gadabout, T-birdl and Big Brown finally arrived we welcomed them with hugs and food.  Catching up briefly we all set out in pairs, Gary and I set off down the trail just two miles to the final gap.  Gary and I set out breaking down the trail, moving at a real quick pace.  We flew over the flat terrain with our red lights out.  The two of us synced up into our old professions as soldiers as we hiked, no conversation, just marching instep and fast. We flew down the 3 miles of trail in less than an hour.  Sliding back into our old habits we humped and moved swiftly over all obstacles till we came to the road.  Knowing we were here finally we looked for places to camp.  Nothing in the woods or fields left us one option, right along the road.  Friends in tow we set up camp and went to bed quickly.  Each of us excited to get to Trail Days and start our festival fun.

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