The power of that truth

The whole way down I had plenty of distractions and things to pull my mind away from what has been going on.  The truth is something has been pulling me toward this journey since before it even was a thought for me.  It has become quite apparent that I was set forth on this path long long ago and now I’m finally at that point. I’m not sure where it will take me but I am sure I will go far from this and because of this.  The people I meet will undoubtedly become some of my closest friends and confidante over the next few months.  I will reply on them for support and friendship through the hard miles and journey to come.  I will with out a doubt grow and change through this great adventure.

The power of that truth is that some of us are on a journey and you won’t be able to stay here, you will be called to faraway places, maybe even foreign lands.
– Eddie Stubbs

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