The hero of zero day

With the bad weather impending it became quite apparent wet weren't the only ones that got off the trail. Upon checking in at the Sapphire Inn, wet quickly noticed some of our friends that had taken the same opportune moment to escape as well. Sharing stories and talking we caught up on each others past [...]

The Fog

After sleeping in the Blood Mountain Cabins I wasn't quite rested,the sound of rain reminded me of mice and kept me up most of the night. My shakedown had gone well the day before and I was eager to mail out the the three items  Pretzel had suggested, as well as the winter gear I [...]

Neels Gap and blood mountain

We had to be up early to get a room at blood mountain cabins so it was decided Kevin and Andrew would slack pack to the cabins to reserve them.  They left some of there gear and broke camp around 7 am.  Come to find out the day was already starting off gloriously.  Andrews water [...]

Rain rain go away

Last night was a long night for many people. Everyone was tired, sore, stayed up later than they should have.  Around 1040 I woke up having to pee and crawled back in bed.  Just as my else's closed I heard a sound, a very distinctive sound, I knew instantly what it was, bear. We had [...]


Our first day on the trail was a hard day.  On the shuttle over everyone was excited and talking to each other. One of the other hikers asked if I had a trail name already.  I told her that Kim had come up with Bahru and how it came to be, she then said oh [...]

The power of that truth

The whole way down I had plenty of distractions and things to pull my mind away from what has been going on.  The truth is something has been pulling me toward this journey since before it even was a thought for me.  It has become quite apparent that I was set forth on this path [...]