Rain rain go away

Last night was a long night for many people. Everyone was tired, sore, stayed up later than they should have.  Around 1040 I woke up having to pee and crawled back in bed.  Just as my else’s closed I heard a sound, a very distinctive sound, I knew instantly what it was, bear. We had had warning that one was spotted a half mile ago, between the motion on the ground and the 5 gallon bucket being tossed around, I knew it wasn’t a hiker.

I stayed up for a while checking our camp to see how clean it was. The noises were far off so I wasn’t too worried and quickly dozed off again. Morning came and rain was impending and threatening in the clouds. I knew I should have busted as to break down camp but I was a bit tired. Then it poured down, opening up like someone had poured a bucket on us.  Crack, baboom lightning flashed and the thunder sounded just a second later.  It was dumping on us.  Everyone busted over to the shelter to break down there stuff.

Packed up we set out, Dutchy, Kevin, Carla and myself in the rain.  We were all soaked off the start.  It wasn’t long till we caught the girls and the newlyweds. Carla and Dutchy pressed on as we stayed pace with the four of them.  I am finding that the girls, Melanie and Jess, and the newlyweds hike about the same pace as Kevin and I. It will be nice to have the same company as we go from state to state.

The first part of the morning was easy, two big ups and one sloping down.  At one point I stopped on the clifside and just looked out over the other mountains.  The view was amazing to say the least. I could see for miles and miles, rolling hills and mountains covered in trees, each is own unique shade of green or brown. Watching the clouds rain down on the opposing mountains,  creating this white haze to allow the view to fade away to white.

I held up to Kevin and he was looking at the same thing. It’s funny I gave him a bit of shit for preparing but so far he’s excelling and I’m really excited for that. I told him so too. We know well finish with the two of us helping and pushing each other. The last big downhill was all that was left and I ended up rolling my ankle twice. This definitely set me back today, my paced slowed with every step . Kevin and I became frustrated and as per our usual style we started to fight we are both stressed and I know his face hurts. The next mile or two went by lost in thought.

I made it to the shelter in just a little time.  I had forgotten the water bottle at the last shelter and was wondering how I was going to get water and then the gods shined on me and there was a discarded 1 liter smart bottle.  Probably the best gift I’ve had in a while.  It was nice to have something provided that I lost.  I settled in to the shelter and we greeted by all the familiar faces from the days before.  A truly welcomed sight.

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