View after view

Waking up at Pecks Corner shelter we did what we always do, ma de breakfast,broke camp and set up for the day.  The day was suppose to be a shorter day then before, just 13 miles to Cosby Nob.  After talking with the ridge runner I remembered we would be mostly on the ridge line [...]

Liquid Shale Trail

Waking up at Mt Collins Shelter or should I say getting up was easy, for some reason I didn't sleep well.  I had been up since five and had fought to go back to sleep.  The general consensus from everyone else was the same thing.  Not many people slept well.  I spent the morning writing [...]

A Truly Blessed Day

I woke up many times throughout the night,  my IT band had been cramping on and off making it nearly impossible to get comfortable. Kevin and I both had reasons to go into town,  yet he didn't fully realize his needs yet. I wondered how could I get him to understand that he would not [...]

A Hard Easy Day

Waking up from no excitement in the night was very refreshing.  Getting a full nights sleep was definitely needed and wanted. We, Kevin and I, hiked out alone, leaving Derricks Nob.  Hiking uphill was in store again for us, we had planned on doing 15 miles.  The mountains were finally clear and warm again, the [...]

It’s my mountain

Sleep didn't come quickly for me after our "bear attack", each time the wind blew I would wake up and look around.  The winds whipped and blew fiercely knocking trees over and felling branches. In the middle of the night there was an earth shaking thud, you could feel the shelter shake a bit as [...]

The Bear and The Attack

We took a zero day at the fontana inn and shelter beforeourtrek to the smokeys.  Hanging out with the other hikers we chatted, relaxed by playing cards, and reorganizing our gear. It was nice to have a such a large warm fire to sit next to. It was a long day up from Fontana Dam [...]

Ninjas, Dam Kids, and Serenity

Waking up in my own tent was nice for a change, the peace and solitude are needed every so often.  It was still very early so I caught up on the blog and  I'll ed around till everyone else woke up.  I could hear Dandy rustling around and I knew he was up.  We have [...]

Trail Magic and No Trail Magic

Waking up I was so cold, the temperature must have been very low that morning. Most of everyone that was awake was still in thier sleeping bags putting layers back on.  The shelter was a full house, it seems that everyone had the same idea as us.  They wanted to keep thier tent dry one [...]

Feeling Lethargic and Sad

Leaving our little oasis at the NOC was a bit depressing.  Really and truly it was hard to leave for me.  We had a secluded camp right off the river with a fire put and just our group of friends.  Just a quarter mile from the NOC area, we were camped on this little island [...]

Mile Highs, Mile Lows,and The Great Britain

Hiking out, we were in a great mood from our spring slumber. Togo had already left and most of the camp had gone too.  Chatting, joking, fighting, we hiked away, climbing 500 feet in elevation unnoticed in the thick vegetation. You could tell we were on a ridge line but the thick rhododendrons hid anything [...]